Test coming & maintenance

“Kermelec has a long experience in commissioning tests for power stations and power plants. The main purpose of these tests is to confirm that the equipment and all the functional automations that make up an installation comply with the pre-established technical specifications.

These tests are defined in:

Primary injection tests
These are all the tests necessary for validating the technical parameters of primary equipment, such as power transformers, reactors, measurement transformers (TT and TC), motors, disconnectors and circuit breakers.

Secondary injection tests

These tests relate to all low-voltage protection and measurement equipment and PLCs, supplied largely by the secondaries of measurement transformers (current and network voltage circuits). It is during these tests that all the wiring for the AC / DC auxiliary services, the inputs and outputs of the protections and PLCs, is checked and then corrected in the event of an anomaly.

The secondary injection tests for an electrical installation are listed below:

Distribution of auxiliary service circuits across all substation cabinets. Automatic source switching tests (TSA1-TSA2, TSA-BACKUP GROUP, Switching between chargers, Battery training).
Verification of the current and voltage circuits from the CTs and VTs, to the end of the relay and automaton chains and other auscuroperturbographers.
Lockout tests of high-voltage components such as circuit breakers and disconnectors.
Tests of the information wired to the bay units and to the substation control system.
General unit circuit tests
Functional tests of energy meters and transducers
Functional tests of electrical protections with circuit breaker tripping
Functional tests of transformer internal protections
Test of the feedback from the substation to the scada.
Point-to-point test to PCG and CRC.